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Does Your Back Hurt In The Morning And After Exercise?Wrong Exercise & Stretches Might be the issue.

Hello Readers

My back hurts after exercise! This is a common problem that I see when people design their own exercise programs or just go into the gym and do what feels good to them.

“The Whole Idea About Health and Wellness is Balance” In a literal sense when applied to flexibility and strength in your body. Your muscle are suppose to work synergistically with your bones and joints. When your muscles are at the proper length then that allows your joint to function at 100% of its capability  People who do not have a basic range of general flexibility are not able to function at 100% of their capability’s ” Tightness generally means weakness” so stretching is not just a side item in your exercise program and should be seen as equally important as cardiovascular training, weight training and nutrition.

If you have a previous back injury you will have to understand what your type of injury you have in your spine, such as stenosis, ruptured disk, degenerative disk, subluxation etc.. each of these back issues has a specific list of contraindications for specific movements and require a specialized program. If you do not have a diagnosis and have never had been injured then taking another look at your exercise and stretching program to make sure that you are doing the right combination.

What are the Basics of making sure that my exercise program is not causing pain in your back?

  1. If you are just starting an exercise program make sure you are warming up and stretching before you do weight training activity.

  2. Don’t lift to much weight  when exercising your legs while in a standing position if you are a novice. Doing to much to soon is a common mistake.

  3. You should not be having pain while you exercise…especially in your back.If you feel pain immediately stop what you are doing.

  4. If your back pain does not get better from your stretching and exercise program you may not be doing the right combination. Consult a professional that can help.

Well I hope that this helps you with your back pain issues.

If you would like me to take a look at your exercise program and stretching routine then contact me.

Thank you for your time and energy…Be well

Jaime Hernandez

Health and Exercise Prescriptions



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