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Most people have at least a couple health conditions that they need to manage. Medications can be very helpful when needed, but they can't do it all. You need guidance to know how to take care of your body and what to do when you notice warning signs of reoccurring conditions. Read about what conditions we can help you with here.


We train our clients to manage their conditions with a personal approach that includes stretching, specialized strength training, diet guidance and prescribed stress-reduction techniques. Because of our specialized training, we understand pathology and physiology, which helps us see you as a whole and prescribe simple lifestyle changes that can dramatically increase your quality of life. Unlike your doctor, we see you weekly and therefore can help you course-correct before small issues become big ones.

Just like prescription medication, exercise has predictable physiological responses. We give our clients prescriptions for the exercise they need to feel well naturally. We also provide our clients the support and encouragement necessary to to stay committed during our weekly personal training sessions. Health and Exercise Prescriptions Bellingham Wa



Learn through a structured program which muscles are involved in posture and core stability, and how to use them to stabilize the spine during exercise and every day movements.


This program is for people who want to start with a basic exercise program, including a cardiovascular prescription and also daily stretches with mobility exercises.

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