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Taking the leap into personal training

When I won the gift certificate for personal training sessions from Jaime last month, I thought “Yes, I’ll be ripped!” Ok, not quite, but I was excited to take on the challenge of getting more fit. I’ve known Jaime through professional connections, so I already knew that he isn’t just training people’s bodies, but getting them mentally fit by learning a little bit about the “whys” of the exercises and why they work.

While I’m no ultra-marathoner, I figured I was at least reasonably fit, as I regularly do yoga and Pilates classes, and occasionally jog, walk and lift weights. (Plus chase after my kids.) So, I was a little surprised when Jaime started me out with remedial back exercises. Apparently, one set of small, but  important, muscles that run along the spine are particularly lazy in my case. Thus, the remedial exercises.

The exercises may already be working. Just last week, after about two weeks training with Jaime, I did my first unassisted headstand in yoga. Granted, I was kicking up against a wall, but I did it without any help. I usually just don’t feel strong enough to be confident that I can make it up with control. After a few tentative tries, I did it almost effortlessly. My remedial course seems to be paying off already.

I’ll be checking back in throughout my training to share some of my successes, my challenges and what I’ve been learning from Jaime.  I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

Yours in fitness,

Hilary Parker

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Jaime Hernandez



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