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Performance Nutrition; Pre,during,post exercise recovery RITUAL for football/rugby players.

"A key to optimizing recovery is the consistent use of key strategies. A fundamental aspect  in the effective integration of recovery into an athlete’s schedule is the use of rituals."

Are you getting enough of the right fuel to meet your body's recovery needs for your sport?

Do you want to peak your performance in your particular sport? It takes understanding what the right fuel for Pre, during and post sport activity is for the optimum recovery of depleted essential nutrients. Did you know that they have done studies on the timing of post exercise meals and that if you do not consume the proper ration of macro and micro-nutrients that you can lose up to 66% absorption to restore energy stores in your muscles. Also the wrong combination of Carbohydrates , protein and fats will lower a man's testosterone which is an anabolic or a growth factor.We are going to keep this Very basic because this topic is a big one.

There are two main systems that create energy in your body that we are going to briefly explain.

  1. Aerobic which uses the oxygen we breath to create energy.

  2. Anaerobic makes energy with out the use of oxygen.

They both create energy during different times in the specific sport activity. Anaerobic kicks in in short burst of energy...and more an endurance energy system.

Got energy?In aerobic organisms(humans), the citric acid cycle is part of a metabolic pathway involved in the chemical conversion of carbohydrates, fats and proteins into carbon dioxide and water to generate a form of usable energy. Other relevant reactions in the pathway include those in glycolysis and pyruvate oxidation before the citric acid cycle, antioxidative phosphorylation after it if you want to get more technical you can look it up.

Ok lets talk about the basics of your new ritual now.

I am going to give you the Pre-exercise, During exercise and post exercise fluid and supplement recommendation for Rugby or football players.These athletes are mostly anaerobic in their sport short intense burst of energy.

Recommendations are specific to gender, age, weight, level of performance and other specific needs. I am going to make up a person as a general example.


Age: 26

Weight: 176 lbs

Goal: Get faster

Medical history: No medical history

Sport :Rugby/Football

Fluid and supplement recommendation


  • 120 grams of carbs 2 hours before event. (About 1 cup of uncooked long grain brown rice=143 grams of carbs=685 calories)

  • 16 ounces of water with your whole food meal

  • 16 ounces of water with creatine 1-1.5 hours before event

  • Sip on a carbohydrate drink (Gatorade) until game time

During exercise

  • Sip on a carbohydrate solution ( Gatorade and mix a little pedialyte electrolytes 3:1 ratio)

What are electrolytes?

Potassium, sodium and chloride are minerals known as electrolytes. In the body, they are vital for proper cell function and growth. Get yours here. For example, sodium helps your body absorb liquid and retain the liquid that you absorb. These electrolytes are often lost during episodes of intense exercise.

Post exercise

  • Drink 8 oz every 20 minutes for 2 hours.

  • Drink a water with 20 grams of protein/glutamine/creatine  solution within 30 minutes. I recommend and personally use this kind of sports supplements>>> Thorne protein and glutamine is great to balance Nitrogen in your muscles which will keep them growing or not being used for energy!

  • Take your Multi vitamins, antioxidants, BCAA/optional building block of protein for recovery

Well these are general guidelines you can follow when creating your own ritual.

Some other things to consider when recovering is hydrotherapy, massage, ice, and good rest.

If you need help designing an exercise program and dial your sport nutrition then contact me.

Well I hope that gives you a better idea of how to optimize your performance through the right timing of supplements.

Thank you for your time and energy....Be well

Jaime Hernandez

Health and Exercise  Prescriptions



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