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9 day whole food hypoallergenic/detox/elimination diet… preparing for a change Part 1

Hello members and guest.

I will be writing about my personal experience of a 9 day hypoallergenic/detox/elimination diet and the preparation to do so. I also want to remind you that you have to set your self up to succeed at eating better and creating change. Having the right ingredients and knowing recipes to replace your old ones is important to your success and adhering to your new life style. I promise you will feel better by eating whole foods and avoiding allergen foods.

Preparing and planning.

The first step is to get smart about the task at hand. That means educate your self, I want all of you to buy this book The Whole Life Nutrition Cook Book @ . Make sure to peer through the first 5 chapters(36 pages) to get a grasp on the why and what of the diet. ( I have slightly modified this diet to be a 9 day instead of a 21 just to practice eating this type of diet. I am going to do the 21 day  whole food nutrition elimination diet in the Fall)

The next step is to restock your old food with new food that is not processed  has dairy, eggs, nuts,gluten, citrus,bananas, night shade family(potatoes), strawberry, pineapple, and kiwi. ( Later in the diet you can add back in some of the potential allergen foods as suggested on page 384 of The whole life nutrition cookbook.)

Restocking our food supply with the right ingredients to eat a non-hypoallergenic diet is the corner-stone to success in aiding your body in detox; that includes all fresh fruit except the listed above, steamed veggies, raw salads, avocado, yams, sweet potato, squash, lentils, adzuki beans, mung beans, quinoa, teff and brown rice. For a snack you can eat organic raw sunflower seeds, raw pumpkin seeds, dried figs,and currants. Remember that having the food on hand will make it easy and more convenient to prepare your food and stay satiated throughout your program/lifestyle change.

Now that you have the book you can follow along step by step. Go to page 51 of The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook by Alissa Segersten and Tom Malterre. This part of the book has been quite helpful since I did not know what a whole food pantry really consisted of. With the books guidance in chapter 9 all of the guess-work  is taken out of the basics of what you need to restock a healthy whole food pantry.

After you restock your pantry the next question is what equipment do I need to prepare these food stuffs? Chapter 10 in The whole life nutrition cookbook takes you step by step with a list of all the necessary equipment to prepare quality whole food recipes. Most households already have a majority of this equipment already but, please take a minute and see if there is something your kitchen is missing, It will make your cooking experience better.

Well I looked in my cupboards/refrigerator and I took out all the food that I can no longer have and boy was that hard….perfectly good muffin mix and noodles that had bad ingredients, Jam, hot sauce :(…wow! I feel better to know that I can eat cleaner for my body and it taste good but, I am still like most Americans… we are accustomed to some staple ingredients in our culture; like cow milk, eggs, pre-mixed baking goods, pre-canned goods etc. ….it is all to easy to be influenced by what we have been taught, modern marketing and to go along with the norm of society. It is time to think for ourselves and take control of what type of food choices we make and to think about the impact on our earth we live on. Have you ever noticed that all of the whole foods are generally kept on the out side of the aisles where all of the crappy processed food is?

My cupboards and refrigerator  are bare and only have contents that I can consume on this hypoallergenic/detox diet. It seems like another world with all of these what seem to me exotic ingreidents….but really when I tried some of the recipes they where great! I made great food with these new ingredients and guess what?? My stomach and intestines feel wonderful and they did not have to deal with as much stuff from the unneeded toxins  my body was trying to process and purge from eating things that I am slightly allergic to and or have bad ingredients(unneeded fillers and preservatives).

I hope you can take  some thing from my experience and guidance on how to get started with this diet. Taking small steps to reach your health goals is the way to go. Starting with the 9 day detox may make your goal of learn how to eat better a reality. I really think education is the only way to make permanent life style change because People need to know why they are doing stuff like consuming bad food because of good marketing.

Thank you for your time and energy…..Be well

Jaime Hernandez

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